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I'm buying a new car... why not get the dealer to tint it?

When you buy a car, the dealer will usually offer to tint it for you. However, they usually over-charge. You can save hundreds of dollars by calling Dial-A-Tint and comparing our prices to the dealer prices.

I have an antenna in the glass... will metallised film affect it?

Some cars have an antenna built into the glass for the radio and/or other devices, usually in the rear window. In this case, electro-magnetic interference can occur when a metallised window film is applied. Dial-A-Tint can fit a carbon film to overcome this problem. The carbon film causes no interference and it looks exactly the same as the metallised film, and it still has the same lifetime warranty.

How dark can I legally tint my car?

In Queensland, it is only legal to fit a film with a light transmittance of 35%. In New South Wales and some other states and territories, it is legal to fit darker film on the rear windows of commercial vehicles (utes and vans). 

Does it matter if I don't have a garage?

No. We can tint your car just about anywhere, as long as it’s near a power point. However there are a few things that definitely make our job easier:

  • An area with plenty of light
  • A dust-free area
  • An area where all of the doors of the car can be fully opened
  • An area sheltered from the rain (if it's raining)
  • If you don't own the property, you must have permission to have the job done there
New small car with tinted windows
Tinted sedan
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